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Equipment for athletic exercise in aquatic environments.

A device with professional quality that performs highly for health, physical therapy and wellness.

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Find out about the variety of our tools for physical therapy in swimming-pools

XR devices enable you to strengthen each of your lower muscles while putting to use your upper body.
We maintain as a priority how comfortable it is to use our tools, to ensure that the duration of exercise is optimal and effective for athletic exercise, physical therapy and wellness.
These machines are constructed to adapt just as well with chlorinated, saline as with thermal waters.

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XR One

XR One New 2021 model

XR One is the athletic stepper to use in swimming-pools for exercise, physical therapy and wellness.
The high-quality professional aquatic stepper XR One is built on an innovation of the fine-tuning of the thrust force, that is ideal for high-level training

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XR 8

XR 8 is the professional aquabike that is essential for an active physical therapy.
This aquabike allows for several adjustments for more performance.

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AQUASPORT BIEN-ÊTRE XR Developpement’s new product, is now available since 2021.
This stepper is effective for all upper and lower body .

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XR developpement

A company with expertise in athletic exercise, wellness and physical therapy

Based in the Tarn, Occitanie, France, XR developpement was born out of the creativity and innovation capacity of Thierry Azémar, a former athlete.

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