XR 8
The professional aquabike.

For physical therapy and physical preparation of high-level athletes

AQUABIKE XR 8, a product of pure innovation

Based on medical research the aquabike XR 8 , enables you to work on all of your leg muscles while strengthening your back and your gluts.
XR 8 is a high-end, meticulous product

An innovative equipment that meets professionals’ demands.

was designed and perfected in partnership with a team comprised of:

  • An Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in sport
  • A Sports Doctor specialized in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • A Physical Therapist
  • 4 critères de sélection :
  • Over 5000 hours of testing in real-life conditions.
    Easy to use.

    The materials used
  • Electrolytically treated stainless steel 316L frame.
  • Polyéthylene for moving parts.
  • Carbon for the saddle and seat lining
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    xr8, aquabike xr developpement

    Aquabike XR 8

    • Multiposition handlebars for a better grip.

    • Multi-power flaps (pedals) that are associated to the electronic parts of the bike for a maximum comfort, while allowing for a resistance training that is individually adapted to each of the lower body

    • Stabilisers that can be adjusted in height. For swimming-pools of 1.20m up to 1.70m

    • A chassis studied in order to enable users to sit down (saddle) or semi-lie down (seat)
      Users height: from 1.40m up to 2m. Maximum weight: 130kg.

    • A pedal and crankset with variable geometry allowing for amplitude change according to the morphology or pathology of its user.

    • Made in France and conceived with local partners in Occitanie, the XR 8 bicycle XR8 conforms with European directives(2001/95/CE)

      xr8, made in France

    Aquabike WR 8

    WR 8 is equipped with a new system of embedded sequential analysis.

    The AQUABIKE WR 8 is an evolutive version of the XR 8 model

    The WR 8 is equipped with a new system of embedded sequential analysis.
    This device from the XRproducts will be released for you to explore very soon.
    It is currently being validated and its commercialisation is expected during the first semester of 2021.

    XR 8 version full-electronic

    XR 8 is the first aquabike that analyzes the movements during pedaling. It allows a comparison of the separate efforts of the lower limbs.
    The electronic box of XR 8measures the differences in force (the deficiencies that will have to be corrected with rehabilitation) to determine the necessary adjustments. The physiotherapist makes these adjustments using a tablet. The electronic device provides a 'wireless' and 'remote' experience that can facilitate the work of the trainer and coaches. A data storage on the cloud has been set up and offers the indispensable link for a real time analysis of the efforts and their results. The electronic computer allows to work with great precision.

    The power of the XR8 full-electronic also lies in the personalization of the exercises to be proposed to patients. The trainer can decide on the resistance of each limb, the duration, as well as the time or effort markers to which he can return when analyzing the data. For the moment, the exercises proposed are standard.

    Aquabike XR 8


    Brochure XR 8

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