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Swimming-pool stepper AQUASPORT BIEN-ETRE,
a product from XR developpement made for a larger amount of users.

At the beginning of 2018, XR developpement decided to expand its products towards a customer base who was eager to benefit from high-standard care in "athletic exercise and body wellness".

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The commercial team gives the impulse for this movement by bringing forward this growing demand from thalassotherapy and hospitality for a product that is both accessible when it comes to its use and efficient for outlining shapes and keeping fit.
That is how was conceived and constructed the stepper AQUASPORT BIEN-ETRE, in partnership with several health professionals: an orthopaedic surgeon and specialists in physical therapy and functional rehabilitation.
Based on the XR-One, it is equipped with an ergonomic design devised to facilitate its use by the larges amount of people.

AQUASPORT BIEN-ETRE is available in two versions adjustable and automatic.

This stepper is conceived to function in swimming-pools. It enables you to work on cardio, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles as well as the lower body with three options for effort intensity .
After several tests and technical validations, AQUASPORT BIEN-ETRE is now commercialised. We offer you 2 models SILVER and GRAFIK.

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