XR One
professional aquatic stepper

for exercising physical therapy well-being

XR One, a product of very high quality

The stepper XR One is made in France and constructed with an innovative device to tune the resistance of the pedals. The stepper XR One, enables you to work on all of your leg muscles while strengthening your back and gluts in aquatic environments.

Innovative material responding to requirements of professionals

XR One was designed and perfected in partnership with a team comprised of:

  • An Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in sport
  • A Sports Doctor specialized in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • A Physical Therapist
  • A technology-rich product
  • 2 patented POWERMAX SYSTEM jacks.
  • A simple one-step setting process.
  • Over 280 mm clearance for more effectiveness
  • 4 selection criteria:
  • MULTIFONCTION : athletic exercise, physical therapy
  • PERFORMANCE : Over 5000 hours of testing in real-life conditions.
  • PRECISION : quality manufacturing
  • RELIABILITY : Electrolytically treated stainless steel 316L for frame .
    Polyethylene for moving parts.
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    XR One comes in 2 versions

    XR One exercise and wellness

    A high-performance easy-to-use machine. Equipped with an adjustement handle, it allows the personalized setting of the intensity of effort related to a variety of parts of the body : general body effort, cardiovascular activity, abdominals, buttock muscles and lower limbs.

    XR One physical therapy

    2 fully hand-held arms allow for exercises on resistance individually adapted to each lower limb.
    The XR One thus provides physical therapy which tonifies all muscles.

    This device is ideal for aquafit and for physiotherapists with pools as well as institutions specialised in athletic exercise, physical therapy and wellness

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    XR One


    An innovating swimming-pool stepper,
    new 2021 model

    • The handlebar is silicone-covered which allows for easier holding and control. It can also be folded and is thus less bulky to store or carry.

    • The XR One is equipped with large wheels making it both easy to move around and put into/take out of the pool.

    • 4 large-diameter elastomer stabilizers, make it adapted to a variety of swimming pool coatings (tiles, polyester, PVC, liner).

    • The pedals come with adjustable retaining straps.

    • The XR One stepper is Made in France, is conceived with local partners in Occitanie and conforms with European directives

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    XR One : efficient and practical pool stepper in video

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